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Alex Vargas Joins the United Long Term Care Workers at the Annual Fresh Start Event

[Willowbrook, CA]   Saturday, September 3, 2011
Hawthorne Mayor Pro Tem Alex Vargas joined a host of elected officials, union members, and thousands of students returning to school at the SEIU-ULTCW Fresh Start event. Held at the Ted Watkins Recreation Park, students from all over the county lined up to receive new backpacks, health screenings, and a fresh hair cut or manicure.

“Labor is not just a vital part of our economy, they are an integral part in our communities.” said the councilman as he spoke with a local reporter. “In the City of Hawthorne alone, the unemployment rate is currently at 16 percent. It is extremely important that we support labor by creating jobs through economic development in our cities.

Also in attendance with Councilman Vargas was Hawthorne School District Board Vice President John Vargas, and the 2011 25th State Senate District Woman of the Year Olivia Valentine.
Service Employees Union International represents millions of members who work in a variety of trades and professions. United Long Term Care Workers represents over 800,000 In-Home Support Service providers in the State of California. Fresh Start is a program that was developed to provide school supplies, health services, and resources to students and parents all over the County of Los Angeles.

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