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Councilmember for the City of Hawthorne, CA

LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO Endorses Alex Vargas for Mayor!

[Los Angeles, CA - ]

Hawthorne Councilman Alex Vargas has received the overwhelming endorsement from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor to be the next Mayor of Hawthorne. The county AFL-CIO believes in his record of working with Labor to effectively create jobs in Hawthorne.

The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO is the second largest central labor body in the nation. In recent decades the Federation has been on the cutting edge of American labor in leading the movement by organizing campaigns, championing the rights of immigrant workers and becoming a powerful force for progressive political change in Los Angeles. The LA County AFL-CIO represents over 120 different labor unions and thousands of employees throughout the county.


Hawthorne Municipal Employees Association (HMEA) endorses Councilman Alex Vargas for Mayor of Hawthorne!

Great news in the City of Hawthorne! I am proud to announce that the City of Hawthorne’s employees are supporting me to be the next Mayor of Hawthorne. For the first time in their history they have decided to support a candidate for Mayor. They trust in my ability to turn the economic situation around in our City along with bringing integrity and transparency to the Mayor’s office. Thank you HMEA!


Hawthorne Councilman Gary Parsons endorses Councilman Alex Vargas for Mayor of Hawthorne!

I would like to thank Hawthorne Councilman Gary Parsons for his endorsement of my campaign Mayor of Hawthorne. He served our community proudly and is a symbol of integrity and transparency for our city government. I am proud to say that he served as my mentor as I became involved in City leadership. We both share the belief that community empowerment starts with strong neighborhood associations. I am proud to have his support.