Latest Endorsements:

Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO – Website
Hawthorne Municipal Employees Association (HMEA) - Website
United Food & Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 1442 – Website
UA Steam , Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Pipefitters Local 250 – Website
UA Plumbers 78 – Website
South Bay Association of Realtors – Website
Hispanic 100 – Website

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Hawthorne Community Leaders:

Gary Parsons, Hawthorne City Councilman (ret.)
Pablo Catano, Hawthorne City Councilman (ret.)
Thierry Lubenec, Hawthorne City Treasurer
Manuel Balboa, Hawthorne Civil Service Commission
Henry Ramirez, Hawthorne Civil Service Commission
Allen Richards, Hawthorne Civil Service Commission (former)
Pat Carey, Hawthorne Planning Commission
Rula Alshanableh, Hawthorne Planning Commission
Robert E. Smith, Hawthorne Planning Commission
Juan Ortiz, Hawthorne Planning Commission
Herminia Balboa, Hawthorne Parks and Recreation Commission
Richard Huhn, Hawthorne Parks and Recreation Commission
Norm Morton, Hawthorne Parks and Recreation Commission
Charles Bowie, Hawthorne Parks and Recreation Commission
Shannon Erpenbach Gonzalez, Hawthorne Youth Commission
Dixie Tobey, Hawthorne Youth Commission
Dario Manriquez, Hawthorne Youth Commission
Neil Gafney, Hawthorne Veterans Commission
Juanita Douse, Hawthorne Seniors Commission

Homeowner Association Leaders: *

Carla Cooper, Hollyglen HOA Secretary (former)
Ed Trejo, Hollyglen HOA Boardmember
Dennis Wild, Hollyglen HOA Boardmember (former)
Gary Parsons, Hollyglen HOA President (former)
Julie DeCoste, Hollglen HOA Boardmember
Neil Gafney, South Bay 360 President
Lucy Ravitch, Ramona HA 1st Vice President
Allen Richards, Ramona HA Former President
Karen Doss Hickey, Ramona Boardmember
Kathleen De Mesa, Ramona Boardmember
Gianna Meidav, Ramona HA Member
Megan Swan, Ramona HA Vice President
Judy Ramirez, Ramona HA Board Member
Dixie Tobey, Ramona HA Boardmember
Jose Gutierrez, Holly Park HOA Former President
Melvin Mosley, Holly Park HOA Boardmember
Paul Lowe, Holly Park HOA Boardmember
Art Osborne, Holly Park HOA Boardmember
Fay Osborne, Holly Park HOA Boardmember
Juanita Douse, Holly Park HOA Vice President
Ruben Sanchez, North Hawthorne HOA President
David Izabal, North Hawthorne HOA 1st Vice President
Raymond Vergara, North Hawthorne HOA 2nd Vice President
Beth Izabal, North Hawthorne HOA Secretary
Oscar Solares, North Hawthorne HOA Boardmember
Lely Fernandez, North Hawthorne HOA Trustee
Mayra Ramirez, North Hawthorne HOA Trustee
Andrea Santana, North Hawthorne HOA Trustee
Rosendo Gomez, North Hawthorne HOA Trustee

Local Elected Officials:

Mayor Pat Furey, City of Torrance
Mayor Suzanne Fuentes, City of El Segundo
Mayor Mark Burton, City of Manhattan Beach
Mayor Micheal O’Leary, City of Culver City
Mayor Manny Lozano, City of Baldwin Park
Mayor Luis Molina, City of Patterson
Mayor Miguel Canales, City of Artesia
Mayor Luis Aguinaga, City of South El Monte
Mayor Mario Guerra (former), City of Downey
Mayor Jim Dear (former), City of Carson
Mayor Howard Fishman (former), City of Hermosa Beach
Mayor Mike Gin (former), City of Redondo Beach
Mayor Ron Garcia (former), City of Brea
Mayor Ed Varela (former), City of Maywood
Mayor Josue Barrios (former), City of Cudahy
Mayor Pro Tem Tony Vasquez, City of Santa Monica
Mayor Pro Tem Bea Dieringer, City of Rolling Hills
Mayor Pro Tem Ginna Escobar, City of Pomona
Mayor Pro Tem Sandra Armenta, City of Rosemead
Mayor Pro Tem Alex Saab, City of Downey
Mayor Pro Tem Maria Santillan-Beas, City of Lynwood
Mayor Pro Tem Veronica Guardado, City of Maywood
Councilmember Jim Osborne, City of Lawndale
Councilmember Dan Reid, City of Lawndale
Councilmember Pat Kearney, City of Lawndale
Councilmember Eloy Morales, City of Inglewood
Councilmember Tasha Cerda, City of Gardena
Councilmember Dan Medina, City of Gardena
Councilmember Anthony Misetich, City of Rancho Palos Verdes
Councilmember Ray Marquez, City of Chino Hills
Councilmember Alberto Perez (former), City of Montebello
Councilmember Violeta Lewis, City of La Puente
Councilmember David Argudo, City of La Puente
Councilmember Jack Guerrero, City of Cudahy
Councilmember Fernando Vasquez, City of Downey
Councilmember Diane J. Martinez, City of Paramount
Councilmember Marcel Rodarte, City of Norwalk
Councilmember Joseph Gonzalez, City of El Monte
Councilmember Edwin Hernandez, City of Lynwood
Councilmember Gabrielle Aragaon, Town of San Luis, Colorado
Councilmember Steven Vargas, City of Brea
Councilmember Isaac Galvan, City of Compton
Councilmember Victoria Martinez, City of El Monte
Councilmember Steven Ly, City of Rosemead
Councilmember Denise Robles (former), City of Commerce
Councilmember Marlen Garcia (former), City of Baldwin Park
Councilmember Sergio Infanzon (former), City of Bell Gardens
Councilmember Phil Reyes (former), City Duarte
Treasurer Steve Diels, City of Redondo Beach
City Clerk Bernadette Suarez, City of Lawndale
City Clerk Carmen Avalos, City of South Gate
Director Sergio Calderon, Water Replenishment District
Director Leticia Vasquez, Central Municipal Water District
Member Margarita Vargas, Valley County Water District
Chairman Bryan Urias, Upper San Gabriel Valley Water District
Commissioner Natalie Ybarra, City of Baldwin Park

Education Leaders:

Fidel Vargas, Hispanic Scholarship Fund President/CEO
Sergio Mortara, Hawthorne School District Board Member
Eugene Krank, Hawthorne School District President
John Vargas, Hawthorne School District Board Member
Jose Medina, Hawthorne School Classified Employees President
Nelson Martinez, Wiseburn School District President
Roger Banuelos, Wiseburn School District Clerk
Dennis Curtis, Wiseburn School District Boardmember
Paul Jimenez, Loyola Marymount University Professor
Jane Comitz, Retired Principal, Cabrillo Elementay School
Hugo Rojas, Centinela Valley High School District President
Maritza Molina, Centinela Valley High School District Vice President
Rocio Pizano, Centinela Valley High School District Boardmember
Gloria Ramos, Centinela Valley High School District Boardmember
Angela Fajardo, Lennox School District Boardmember
Roberto Cruz, El Monte School District President
Elizabeth Ruiz Meza, Riverbank Unified School District
Ron Esquivel, Rosemead School District Boardmember
John Quintanilla, Rosemead School District Boardmember
Cecilia Iglesias, Santa Ana Unified School District Boardmember
Gary Hardie, Lynwood Unified School District Boardmember
Satra Zurita, Compton Unified School District Boardmember
Eileen Miranda, West Covina Unified School District Boardmember
Teresa Vargas-Ong, Baldwin Park Unified School District Boardmember
Blanca Rubio, Baldwin Park Unified School District Boardmember

Religious Leaders:

Pastor John Richardson, New Journey Ministries
Pastor Jesus Garcia, Hawthorne Church of the Nazarene
Pastor Phil Cookes, South Bay Assembly of God
Kathy Wagner, Outreach Children’s Ministries
Humberto Gamboa Rivera, St. Joseph’s Parish Council

Community Supporters:

Patricia Donaldson, Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce President
James Smith, United States Postmaster
Richard Sanchez, Hawthorne American Little League Coach/Parent
Veronica Garcia, Hawthorne American Little League Coach/Parent
Gordon Michael Mego, Hawthorne Mall Activist
John Koppleman, Hawthorne Community Activist
Dulce Stein, Hawthorne Fine Arts Activist
Johncito Peraza, Good Government for Hawthorne Activist
Claudia Hernandez, Hawthorne Neighborhood Action Council
Nidia Moreno, Hawthorne Neighborhood Action Council
Kevin Perez Allen, Community Activist
Kurt Iwasaki, Police Officer
Manny Rosales, Firefighter
Joe Gardner, Retired Police Officer
Ray Marquez, Retired Firefighter
Steve Donaldson, Retired Detective
Ismael Del Pino, Police Officer

Hawthorne Business Leaders:

Sergio Mortara, Hawthorne Business Owner
Roxana Galls, Hawthorne Business Owner
Bea Williams, Hawthorne Businessowner
Stella Ivanov, Hawthorne Business Owner
Rudy Escamilla, Hawthorne Businees Owner
Silverio Mendoza, Hawthorne Business Owner
Frank Cortes, Hawthorne Business Owner
James W. Kim, Hawthorne Business Owner
Rafael Sena, Hawthorne Business Owner
Victor Alvarez, Hawthorne Business Owner
Carla and KC Cooper, Hawthorne Business Owner
Edgar Brutyan, Hawthorne Business Owner
Chansung Park, Hawthorne Business Owner
Aliyah Ortiz, Hawthorne Business Owner


*For identification purposes only. Does not imply endorsement from organization unless duly noted.
Last Updated 9/7/2015 – Partial List