Re-Elect Alex Vargas for Hawthorne City Council 2013!

[Hawthorne, CA-]

It’s official folks, I am now on the ballot for re-election to the Hawthorne City Council!   I am extremely proud to have served you these last four years and hope to continue to represent you an additional four years.  Thank you to my Father, Alex Vargas Sr. for accompanying me when I submitted my candidate paperwork.

Alex Vargas
Councilmember, City of Hawthorne

South Bay Workforce Investment Board (SBWIB)

[Hawthorne, CA] -

Councilman Alex Vargas is a proud supporter of the South Bay Workforce Investment Board (SBWIB).   Through the expertise and dedication of Director Jan Vogel, the SBWIB has provided services to the residents of Hawthorne and the region.   He has been able to continuously bring funding for job training, employment placement services, welfare to work transitions, and several other functions.   Councilman Vargas is proud to be friends with Mr. Jan Vogel and his wonderful staff at the “WIB”


Councilman Alex Vargas and SBWIB Director Jan Vogel


Let’s Welcome 2013 – Hope for the Future of Hawthorne

[Hawthorne, CA] -

I would like to wish all Hawthorne residents and friends of Hawthorne a very Happy New Year!  We look into the future as an opportunity to grow both individually and as a community.  The lessons we learn and the losses we have experienced contribute to that human experience that makes us all stronger.  Join me in looking forward to 2013 as a year where our City will experience a realignment towards a positive future.  This year is our opportunity to nourish that which is good, while rooting out that which is wrong.  Let’s continue to work together to make this happen.

Best wishes to you and your families,

Councilman Alex Vargas

Thank you for all your support!

I would like to thank my family, friends, and all my supporters for all the effort that they put into this campaign. This isn’t a time to hold our heads down but be proud of what we did. It was a noble and honest effort that we put forth and we are glad we kept it that way. Hawthorne holds a very special place in each of our hearts and we need to make sure we continue protecting our City. Let’s channel our energy towards becoming more proactive and holding our newly elected officials accountable. You can continue counting on me to be a voice in that effort.

Election Day is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is an opportunity to move Hawthorne forward with a new vision and fresh ideas, or enter an era of petty backdoor politics. Please choose to move our City forward by voting Alex Vargas for Mayor, Olivia Valentine for City Council and John Vargas for City Council. V for Victory on Tuesday November 8th!

Click here to find your polling place
Polls are open from 7AM to 8PM

Ballot Number Designation:

Alex Vargas  –> (21)         

City Council
Olivia Valentine –> (32)
John Vargas –> (33)

Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce announces endorsement of Mayor Pro-Tem Alex Vargas


The President of the Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce announced their endorsement of Mayor Pro Tem Alex Vargas. The announcement came only five days after Vargas received the endorsement of the LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO. “The business community of Hawthorne trusts in Councilman Vargas. He has been with us when we address concern and has worked with us in times of economic difficulty.”  stated Pat Donaldson, President and CEO of the Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce.

The Mayor Pro-Tem, upon receiving the news, stated that he is honored that both business and labor are standing behind the same candidate. “Their endorsements show that they believe in my plans for economic development and job creation in the City of Hawthorne.”

The Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce has a membership of over 250 local area businesses and serves as the voice of the Hawthorne business community.  The Chamber has played a role in major city issues such as economic development, public safety, community events, and government affairs.


Contact Person: Patrick Furey

Phone: (310) 645-1570


LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, Endorses Hawthorne Mayor Pro-Tem Vargas

[Los Angeles, CA]—

Hawthorne Mayor Pro Tem Alex Vargas received the overwhelming endorsement from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. The countyAFL-CIO believes that Alex has the ability to work with labor effectively to create jobs in Hawthorne.

Vargas stated that, as Hawthorne Mayor, it will be his main priority to work in partnership with the residents to find solutions to major city concerns. “One of the biggest issues our residence face is the rate of unemployment. At 16%, we have not only surpassed the state average but also the national average as well. The LA County AFL-CIO knows that I will not only fight to bring jobs to our city but, also give our residents priority in filling those positions.”

The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO is the second largest central labor body in the nation. In recent decades the Federation has been on the cutting edge of American labor in leading the movement by organizing campaigns, championing the rights of immigrant workers and becoming a powerful force for progressive political change in Los Angeles. The LA County AFL-CIO represents over 120 different labor unions and thousands of employees throughout the county.

Alex Vargas Joins the United Long Term Care Workers at the Annual Fresh Start Event Saturday, September 3

[Willowbrook, CA]— Hawthorne Mayor Pro Tem Alex Vargas joined a host of elected officials, union members, and thousands of students returning to school at the SEIU-ULTCW Fresh Start Festival. Held at the Ted Watkins Recreation Park, students from all over the county lined up to receive new backpacks, health screenings, and a fresh hair cut or manicure.

“Labor is not just a vital part of our economy, they are an integral part in our communities.” said the councilman as he spoke with a local reporter. “In the City of Hawthorne alone, the unemployment rate is currently at 16 percent. It is extremely important that we support labor by creating jobs through economic development in our cities.”

Also in attendance with Councilman Vargas was Hawthorne School District Board Vice President John Vargas, and the 2011 25th State Senate District Woman of the Year Olivia Valentine.

The Service Employees Union International represents millions of members who work in a variety of trades and professions. United Long Term Care Workers represents over 800,000 In-Home Support Service providers in the State of California. The Fresh Start Festival is a program that was developed to provide school supplies, health services, and resources to students and parents all over the County of Los Angeles.

Contact Person: Patrick Furey